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CADLab is a MATLAB based toolbox that enables a live connection between MATLAB and SolidWorks. It enables MATLAB users to access important SolidWorks part, assembly or drawing data inside as MATLAB variables. MATLAB users can also change data inside SolidWorks directly from the MATLAB workspace. All the information is immediately updated and always stays current.

KEY FEATURES: Seamless data exchange between MATLAB and SolidWorks through live connection.

  1. Any CAD model change is immediately reflected in MATLAB.
  2. Access to CAD data like mass, inertia tensor, volume, surface area etc as MATLAB variables. These workspace variables can be used in Simulink and STATEFLOW.
  3. Write SolidWorks script using m code from MATLAB.
  4. Perform Part modeling actions like Extrudes, Cuts, Revolves etc. using data in MATLAB. Change part dimension based on analysis done in MATLAB to optimize a design.
  5. Use SolidWorks Simulation from MATLAB to perform FEA analysis and get relevant FEA data in MATLAB workspace.
  6. Use SolidWorks Assembly mates as constraints for mechanism simulation from MATLAB.
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